Rails along the Rother

Rails along the Rother


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Compiled by Jeff Grayer

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Closed to passengers nearly 70 years ago, the lines that served the charming Sussex market town of Midhurst are still fondly remembered. Never money spinners the first of the three routes to be closed, that from Chichester, lost its passenger service way back in 1935, to be followed twenty years later by the withdrawal of services to both Petersfield and Pulborough. With its stations not well sited for the limited population they served and vulnerable to bus competition, traffic was never heavy although freight did continue for a number of years after passenger closure with the final trains operating on a small section of the route until 1991. Fortunately several photographers appreciated the scenic beauty of the area and recorded trains in the landscape during the 1950s. It is their mainly unpublished work that is presented in this new volume.

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3 reviews for Rails along the Rother

  1. 5 out of 5

    Peter Harding

    An interesting photographic book looking at the three lines that went to Midhurst in West Sussex. Most of the photographs which have reproduced well, have come from the impressive Transport Treasury Archive and are mainly new to this reviewer.
    All in all a nicely presented book and recommended to all country branch line enthusiasts and those with an interest in Midhurst in general.
    Peter A. Harding
    Branch Line & Light Railway Publications

  2. 5 out of 5

    William Armstrong

    Rails Along the Rother. This is a book that I just had to buy, having lived in West Sussex for many years in the past and read about the lines covered in it. I am very pleased that I did so, very few of the illustrations having been seen before (those few most probably having no alternatives, e.g. those of the C2X in the collapsed culvert). The book left me with deep regret that I only travelled over part of the line once (the rail tour hauled by the E4 and E6) and it is unreservedy recommended and very reasonably priced.

  3. 5 out of 5



    I live in the area, am interested in local railway history, so this book was a no brainer. And I was not disappointed – it is well produced and full of pictures most of which I had not seen before. Highly recommended.

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