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The Transport Treasury Publishing family of authors is just that, ‘a family’. Perhaps you have written for another organisation, perhaps you are new and considering a step into railway authorship. Whichever it is, speak to us, a lot have! We are a friendly yet knowledgeable team, our editors having years of experience behind them in our specialist field. We will talk to you honestly about your idea, whether it is feasible, what is involved and what you may expect to get out of it. Just as important we also pay promptly.

You may have an idea yourself – we would like to hear it

You may want to write but have not decided on what – talk to us.

You may wish to simply write an article or two – talk to us.

‘The Times’ series always welcomes new contributors.

Author's Haven

One important point is that if you write for us and just use images from our archive – THERE ARE NO REPRODUCTION FEES TO PAY – more of what you earn stays in your pocket. We always pay authors a fixed fee, so no hanging for years to get royalty payments.
We had our first ‘Author’s Gathering’ earlier in 2022 (we hope to make these a regular feature of the calendar). Over 30 individuals turned up; you can meet us, we can meet you, we can exchange ideas and answer questions face to face. We have no ‘favourites’ or ‘special deals’ everyone is treated the same, hence we have no fears about writers meeting other writers.


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The fact several authors have written not just one book for us but several, and keep coming back for more, speaks for itself.
Become part of the family, you will likely not regret it.
"Saving the nation's pictorial heritage"
The Railway Magazine, September 2008