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About Us

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Transport Treasury is a leading privately owned British transport archive, founded in 1993 by Barry and Janet Hoper, over the next 14 years they built up the archive and added many famous names to the contributors list. Barry had a great talent in the darkroom and built up a loyal customer base for the photographs from the archive. In 2017 with Barry and Janet looking at retiring, the archive was sold to’ Robin and Sarah-Jane Fell and made the long move from the North of Scotland to its’ present home in High Wycombe. Our goal has always been to ensure as many images as possible are able to be viewed by the public, as many archives tend to have a great hoarding ability without ensuring the images are able to be seen or used.

Transport Tale

In 2019 we felt that we were not able to fulfil this goal and hence decided to venture into publishing. We wanted to produce good quality transport books, with interesting and informative captions, that would utilise the images from the archive. From humble beginnings, we are proud to now have a large back catalogue with many more books in the pipeline. We are far from perfect, but are always striving to improve our books and the service that goes with them.

Our immense catalogue of over 500,000 negatives and transparencies allows us to publish unique railway books with never-before-seen photographs.
Our bookshop delivers a piece of railway history right to your doorstep – whether you’re looking to relive the nostalgia or get more insight into classic locomotives, routes and locations, right down to the technical level. Sometimes there are errors, but these are mostly due to previous listing errors. Without us publishing the wrong images, the correct details would remain undiscovered, so we welcome these comments.

The archive continues to grow and further details can be found at both www.transporttreasury.co.uk and www.transporttreasury.com . If you have a photographic collection that needs a home then do talk to us and can explain how we work, and what benefits you get from lodging the collection with us.
We expect this journey to carry on for a fair while yet, so we hope you enjoy our books and how we shine a light into yesteryear.


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Preserving Past, Enriching Future.
Whether you are an enthusiast, modeller or social historian, our books are designed in mind to meet your needs. The idea of publishing came from one scan of an RC Riley image. On the listing it was described as headboards on the floor. That single image conveyed far more to the reader than that. The image both historically and photographically is a joy to behold and together with all the images we have in our books bring back yesterday’s memories to the present day. We are always thinking of new angles and new images to use in our books to help bring to life the past, both vintage and more recent.
"Saving the nation's pictorial heritage"
The Railway Magazine, September 2008