Traction Times: A Second Selection

by Andrew Royle


112 pages / 158 illustrations / paperback cover / 9781913251093 ISBN / 273 x 215 mm dimensions / portrait format

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About This Book

Following on from the success of the first ‘Traction Times’ book, this second instalment follows a similar theme with even more images of early diesel and electric types compiled from the photographic archive of ‘The Transport Treasury’.

On the basis that if a subject is popular the author and publisher are best advised not to tamper with it, the format again illustrates the wide range of motive power that came on to the British Railway scene to supplant steam traction. Some designs proved very successful (and may even still be seen at work today), whilst others struggled to last out a decade of use. Multiple units also saw winners and plenty of losers.

The photographers who captured images of the new diesels and electrics at the time, probably gave little thought to the fact that much of what they were recording would be regarded with great interest in the years to come.

Author, Andrew Royle, discusses the aspects of this period of great transition and explores several design examples not featured in the first book.”

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