Expert Advice

Expert Advice

How can we make our books more accurate?

This is where we draw on the expertise of our readers and help keep our books as error free as possible.

Sign up to join the list of experts we have by emailing You will be added to the mailing list and receive updates on our new books with a link to check the books. This link will be valid for around a week and will be online only.

If you spot any inaccuracies, then send in a mail with the details and as long as they are not spurious you will get a credit at the front of the book.

If you do not have the time to look at any title, does not interest you or is not in your field of expertise then do not feel under any obligation to read it.

Sadly, this is a voluntary service at present. Our books are very limited print runs these days, and we already pay for professional proofreaders to check the grammar and spelling in our books. This is mainly a service to make sure that if someone wrote some inaccurate details on a negative packet 50 years ago that these are amended.

Any changes will mean you get a credit in the book. You are also helping with the historical accuracy of the Transport Treasury archive for future generations to enjoy. We were set up to ensure that the images we hold in the archive are seen by a larger audience and your help enables our customer to get the best of the imagery and the historical details. It is also a good way to promote your knowledge and put yourself forward as a potential author for other books.


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