Coming soon, Railway Times and Eastern Times.

Coming soon, Railway Times and Eastern Times.

At the end of the month, we will be adding to our Times series with Railway and Eastern Times. Here is a little more about the new books before their release:

Railway Times is a new venture by Transport Treasury covering the British Railway period from 1948 on a year-by-year basis. Find out what was happening on the newly nationalised railway, what was new and what was being seen for the last time. Compiled by Jeffery Grayer, each issue is of 80 sides and covers all four regions of the railway network.

Issues one includes: Nationalisation – the outward and visible manifestations of change, The 1948 Locomotive Exchange Trials Schedules, British Railways Advertisements, Peppercorn’s New Pacifics, Named Expresses, 1948 in Colour, Oil Conversion Scheme Scrapped, Curtains for the Corris, End of the Line for Passengers on the Easingwold Railway and more…

Out at the end of March.

Eastern Times is the fourth in the regular Times series of journals from Transport Treasury Publishing. Similar to the volumes covering the Western, Southern, and London Midland regions, Eastern Times is packed full of facts and detail, with interesting and ‘off the wall’ articles. Eastern Times is edited by Pete Sikes.

Issue one includes: LNER Constituent Companies, Lowestoft Sentinel, The West Highland Railway Mallaig Extension, ACFI Feed-Water Heater, The Master Cutler, The Queen’s visit to Stratford 1962 and more…

Out at the start of April.