The Atmospheric Western

George Heiron’s Evocative Photographs described by Leslie Price


160 pages / 180 illustrations / Casebound Hardback cover / 9781913251062 ISBN / 280 x 280 mm dimensions / portrait/landscape format

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About This Book

The name of George Heiron will certainly be known to the railway enthusiasts as a man whose high-quality photographic images were complimented by his skills with the paintbrush.

But this new book is no combination of photographs and paintings, instead it depicts just one medium – the photographs. In doing so, the book showcases some of the best examples of Geroge Heiron’s skill with the lens.

The subject is is steeped in romanticism – the steam era railway scene on the lines of the late Great Western Railway, and in a way probably no other photographer has achieved.

This specialist railway book is unusually aimed at three distinct and separate markets.

In this respect its appeal is certainly not just for the railway enthusiast, although the compilers detailed captions portray the technical information.

It is also a book for the photographic connoisseur. For someone who enjoys seeing how art can be created from everyday scenes – trains, structures, people; indeed from the very fabric of everyday life.

Finally it is a book for the coffee table. To be dipped into and savoured at leisure, for once picked up it will prove to be a hard book to replace

Limited Edition, published by Transport Treasury Publishing.